How to add products in your WooCommerce store from your admin dashboard

Last modified: 2024-03-14
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1. First navigate to Products from the WordPress Admin Dashboard. 

Step1 of adding products to WooCommerce

2. Selects New Product from the options from the list of options. 

Step 2 of adding woocommerce product

3. Fill in the basic product information 

Fill in basic product information

  1. Enter Product name
  2. Enter Product Description
  3. Select the product type
  4. Select Product Style (Optional)
  5. Select Product Layout (Optional)
  6. Enter Product Sale Price (Optional)
  7. Enter Product Regular Price
  8. Select Product Category

4. From the Inventory tab

Filling in inventory information

  1. Enter your SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  2. Select Manage Stock if you want to manage the stock ( Automatically remove items until all items are sold out)
  3. Select sold individually if customers can checkout with only this item in their cart
  4. Enter the amount of stock on hand.

Hint: If you’re selling an item that you plan to continuously sell without a chance of it going out of stock, you can unselect manage stock and set the Stock Status to In Stock, This will leave the product in stock indefinitely.

5. From the Linked Product Section

Linked Product tab

  1. Select the products you want to upsell
  2. Select the products you want to cross sell

6. Select Additional Details 

Additional details

  1. Enter Short Description
  2. Select or Enter Product Tags (Product Tags work very similar to Product Categories, rule of thumb never enter a Product Tag that has the same name as a Product Category)
  3. Set your Main Product Image
  4. Add your Gallery Images

Finally hit the blue Publish button to submit all your product information and your product should now be live on your website.

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